21 September 2016

Book Value or Earning?

The value of a company lie in their power to generate consistent good revenue rather than book value in my personal opinion.

Though some of the companies may go private despite having losses for consecutive quarters, however because their share price was so low that sometimes it make sense for them to privatize rather than remain listed if they have enough "financial muscle" to do so.

There are some possible reason why company choose to go private rather than remain listed especially during recession times. Below are some of the possible reasons:

1) Founder / Substantial shareholders of the company has the financial means to do so.
2) Founder / Substantial shareholders  of the company no longer wants to go through the hassle of holding AGM or getting approval from shareholders when certain tasks (i.e. issue right, perpetual securities, bonds etc) need to be carried out.
3) Founder / Substantial shareholders  can now have a bigger pie of his /her company's earnings.
4) Market price of the share is way below its intrinsic value

Above mentioned are not exclusive though, there are also other various reasons why a listed company will go listed.

Do comments or share your personal experiences.

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