25 November 2016

AGM Takeaway From Q&A

Some of the question and answer while I attended AGM:

One of the listed REITs (I attended as proxy)

A shareholder asked: How is the management getting paid? Is their
remuneration align with shareholders' interest?

Ans: Management pay structure is performance based if rental of the unit
increases, their pay will go up.

Another listed REITs which I attended as a unitholder

1. Asked: Can we request for 3 properties valuers instead of 2?

    Ans: We follow regulation. In future depends on situation etc

2. Shareholder's concern: Please take note of fire hazard of the building,
a lesson needs to be learned from CK building Tampines due to the
fire happened lately.

     Ans: Enough measures was in placed etc

3. Perpetual securities (bonds) are used to finance the acquisition, what will
happen to the gearing? How much perpetual bonds are issued?

Ans: Right now we don't have the figure, will show in future.

4. Master lease have to do something if anything happened to offshore?

Ans: Will access each tenant that coming into the market. Challenge is the
occupancy rate for overall properties spectrum

5. Does it mean that another EGM will be held again since still dunno which
scenario to choose from?

Ans: private clients are drawn to perpetual securities. The decision will be
based on all these scenarios.

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