17 November 2016

Should You Trade Forex?

Should I trade forex?

Should you trade forex?

A good friend of mine approached and asked me if he should trade forex?

My straight answer is NO!

Not only my answer is not to trade forex, I highly recommend to avoid it at all costs. I used to trade forex personally a few years ago using a few platforms. Forex is traded in pairs and usually, if you opt for those "free commission" platform, the bid and offer spread are usually very high. Something which is against the traders themselves.

I used to leave an open position to test the platform itself, usually all the money will be gone in a few hours time. So unless you have both the time and money to lose, I would advise in my own personal opinion to avoid it at all cost.

However, ultimately it still all up to an individual. Well, ask yourself frankly, what would I gain or lose if you profit or lose? Nothing!

But still, as I treat everyone with sincerity and compassionate love please do not trade forex! And for those who insist to, well, all the best!

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