08 June 2017

Something Which Is Worse Than Fear & Greed

should I envy others?

Worse emotion one shouldn't have

If you have been investing or speculating for quite sometimes, you would know that fear and greed is the behaviour that drive prices up and down especially in the stock markets where you can see the price movements.

However, do you know that in fact there are something which is worse than FEAR & GREED which will cause you to sell everything in your portfolio or even go bankrupt?

Yes! There is such an emotional that will do so.

Want to know what this emotion is?

Its ENVY! "Why is that so?" You may wonder.

Let me tell you a story.............

Shawn as usual would drive his Kia Picanto to meet his best friend, John once in a while for coffee. So as usual, John will ask Shawn what he has been doing for the past few weeks especially when he noticed that Shawn has just bought a new watch, Rolex.

"I just made some good money from buying ABC stocks! You should buy this particular company too" exclaimed Shawn.

"No, No! Stocks are too risky for me. Perhaps you are lucky only." said John.

So, few months later, Shawn and John meet up again. However, this time round Shawn was driving a BMW instead of a Picanto.

"Wow, seem like you are getting richer! What's the lobang?" John asked.

"I told you to buy this ABC company remember? I just sold them and made 5 figures profit from the stock market. This time round I'm going to buy XYZ company as I got insider news that they are going to be acquired! You better don't miss this opportunity!"

John who was envy of Shawn's "great success" decided to use all his hard-earn savings to "invest" in this XYZ company this time round. Seeing that Shawn has a new Rolex watch; driving a BMW and full of confident, he thought that he's also going to make a lot of money just like Shawn did.

However, few days later XYZ company's share price plunged due to its lawsuit against a patent right infringement. This has led John to sell his stocks hastily and caused him to lose around $50k.

Story ended.

Now do you know why I say that ENVY is an emotion which is worse than greed? ENVY is a driving force for GREED! So build up your knowledge and do not let your greed drive you just because you envy others. 

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