09 November 2018

Earning Passive Income

how to earn passive income

Earning Passive Income

Although this website is about Simple Investing Approach. However, our ultimate aim is to achieve a financial freedom lifestyle.

Therefore, I'm going to show you besides investing, there are also various ways to earn passive income:

  1. Savings accounts: Literally you can earn interest on savings. However, in order to see much return from this method, it typically requires a big amount. One con side of this method is, as it is too easy to access the money in the savings accounts, it requires high discipline to generate a consistent return from it.
  2. Rent From A House Or Spare Room: This method can provide individuals with a regular source of passive income (Learn more about real estate here).
  3. Blogging: Write on popular topics that you are passionate about and monetized it in various ways such as via Adsense, affiliate marketing or promote services or even products like CB Passive that show others how to create online passive income)
  4. Online Market Places: Car boot sales and auctions can raise funds by selling unwanted items.
  5. Royalty Payments: Earn your royalty via photography, writing such as eBook or other creative work.
  6. Focus And Market Research Groups: Pay individuals to trial new products.

Above are some ways I have learned and share with you via this post. I sincerely hope that you gain some value out from it. Do you have other ways to create passive income? Please share your methods via comments below:

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